Petition for const Consistency

We, the undersigned understand and appreciate the rationale for and value of the practice of consistently putting const to the right of what it references. This is sometimes called Consistent const or East const.

We discourage authors and maintainers of coding guidelines from creating guidelines that preclude this style and in particular:

  • We call for the C++ Core Guidelines to at least remain neutral and to stop advocating the less “logical” style.
  • We call for WG21 to change its editorial policy on examples in the ISO standard to allow for this style and to show examples using this style.


  • Brian Wood, C++ Middleware Writer developer
  • Christopher Di Bella, library developer, trainer, experimental advocate
  • Dale Lukas Peterson, just a random person
  • Dan Saks, speaker, trainer, writer, and early advocate of East const
  • Guy Davidson, Coding Manager at Creative Assembly
  • Jon Kalb, trainer, community organizer
  • Kate Gregory, developer, speaker, mentor, author
  • Nicole Mazzuca, CppCon Student Program Chair
  • Phil Nash, speaker, trainer, community leader
  • Peter Sommerlad, programmer, professor, Cevelop IDE, and Pattern book author
  • Simon Brand, compiler developer, UG organizer, coiner of the term East const
  • Wolfram Rösler, software engineer