C++ Amusements

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be “under the knife” or recovering from same.

The surgeon is predicting a couple of rather uncomfortable days followed by over two weeks of taking it easy. I won’t be able to operate heavy machinery so it’s fortunate that my main development machine is a laptop. I should have several days of naps being broken up by sessions on the computer. Which brings me to the point of this blog.

What are your C++ time killers amusements?

logo-sun-1I go to the C++ Standard Foundation’s isocpp.org website at least once a day to see the latest in the C++ world. Hi Herb, Eric, Marshall… (Rumor has it that there is a lot more content coming to that site. Keep an eye on it.) In addition to news about C++ events and postings, it has some recent StackOverflow questions. If one of those looks interesting I may be sucked in to look at few questions and there goes an hour.

C++NowOf course if I know I have an hour or so, I may look for an interesting online video. There are some great sessions recorded at C++Now and GoingNative. Channel 9 sometimes has a C++ and Beyond session. The recording quality is better for the Channel 9 videos, but the BoostCon videos cover a wide range of topics and have a lot of content.

If you didn’t get enough questions on StackOverflow, try out the just launched C++ Quiz. Hi Anders. By the way here is my C++ trivia question (apologies to those that already saw this on twitter):

Q) what is the name of the only std::exception member function to return a pointer
A) true

If you didn’t get enough interesting links on isocpp.org, spend a few minutes on twitter searching for #cpp or #cpp11 (or even #cpp14). You’ll likely find something worthing reading and several people worth following. Hi James, Kate, Jens, Andrey, Eric, Marshall, Anna-Jayne, Dean, Anders, Diego


If twitter isn’t your thing, look at the C++ sub reddit. Hi STL. Just about everything of interest to C++ programmers will get posted there. But there is a bit of noise mixed with the signal. For a purer experience stick with established C++ blogs like the ones I’ve listed on my blog roll at the right. Hi everybody.

You might not expect good technical conversations on a social network, but Google+ is pretty good. Why not drop by and let me know what ideas you have for how I can spend my time while I’m recuperating.